Connecting to a SQL Server named instance when you are not in the domain

by Stefano Mostarda 4. March 2011 16:54

Yesterday I spent something like 2 hours trying to connect to a SQL Server named instance. The database was located in a domain my machine was not registered in. Everyone in the domain, but me, could access the database. IT wasn't able to fix the problem on my laptop so I was left on my own.

After a bit of research I discovered the problem was that since my laptop was outside the domain, my laptop wasn't able to send the UDP message to SQL server on port 1434 (this is necessary to get the named instance port). I still didn't solve the problem, but I got close. What I needed was just the port of the named instance. IT gave me the port number I could set my database name like this:

<MACHINENAME>\<NAMEDINSTANCE>,<PORT>    which in mycase translated to   DEVSQL\INSTDEV,6734


I will remember this forever and I hope that if you'll ever have this problem, you will fastly come accross this post.


Stay tuned...

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